Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Nice Things.....Pleats!

Pleats are Neat  

When I was a little girl my grandma ALWAYS wore pleated chiffon skirts.  She was quite a glamorous grandma and I accredit a lot of my love of fashion and dressing up to her.  

This lemon pleated skirt would have been right up her street!   


Lemon Chiffon Skirt: New Look
Black Top: Topshop
Electric Pink Cardigan: Primark
Belt: Primark
Parrot Necklace: New Look
Platform Sandals: New Look

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Photography by @ojfish  

Monday, 30 July 2012

Nice Things....to wear

Maxi Skirts

Like many a lady I debated maxi skirts for some time before actually committing to buying one. Am I too tall? Are my hips too wide? will my bum look big in this.... all the usuals! 

Saw this in New Look and fell in love with the colour.  I happened to already own this top that matched perfectly.  How could I not buy it?! 

As much as I like this skirt it has quite a big draw back.... It creases like a demon!  By the time I've driven anywhere it looks like I haven't bothered to iron it! 

Stitched Top: Topshop
Maxi Skirt: New Look
Belt: Primark
Green Bracelet: River Island
Wooden Bangles: Spanish Market
Gold Bangles: River Island

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Photography by @ojfish   

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Nice things.... To wear to a festival!

Festival Apparel!

Festival season is underway! This summer I shall be attending Leeds festival and there's a possibility that I'll be at V too.  Still a little undecided about that one though.  Don't know if both my body and bank balance can handle two full festivals on consecutive weekends!

Here's a festival outfit idea.  I swear by shorts at festivals.  I made these from an old pair of republic jeans.

Hat: Marks and Spenser 
 Owl Top: My sister's (From Select)
Denim Shorts: Made from Republic jeans
Belt: All Saints
Wellies: Hunter
Leather Jacket: Topshop
Bag: River Island

Photography by @OjFish 

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Monday, 28 May 2012

Nice things... in the sunshine!

Hello Sunshine

This was my outfit of choice for Sunday!  I'm a sucker for a play suit when the weather's nice! This bad boy was from..... TESCO! Would you believe?! It's one of my most favourite items in my wardrobe too! 

The handbag is 'vintage' River Island.  I say vintage as I actually bought it when I was still at 6th from! I feel a bit like Red Riding Hood when I take it out.

Sunnies are Aldo and courtesy of my friend Alice.  They're from America though so I'm currently stalking the UK Aldo website in hope that something similar will crop up soon. Handed them back with gritted teeth! Love them! 

Hope everybody is enjoying the sun.

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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Nice things..... quotes

A friend recently sent me an awesome Youtube video of my most favorite poem.

This prompted a bit of a quote search.  (I was looking for some kind of artwork featuring lines from the poem.) Ultimately, I stumbled upon lots of other good quotes.  Here are my pick of some of the best...


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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Nice Things... That I still can't afford to buy :)

Outfit Ideas  
A regular reader of the Dootleberry blog will know that I often fantasise about the leather leggings that I will never own. (see here for further deets on this)

However, if I was to invest in a pair this is how I imagine I  would wear them...

T-shirt: Delias.com   /   Leggings: net-a-porter   /   Black Blazer: Topshop   /   White Blazer: Aritzra.com   /   Shoes: net-a-porter   /   White Bag: H&M   /   Clutch: Calypsobarth.cc   /   Watch: Oasis   /   
Peace Bracelet: Miss Selfridges   /   Heart ear rings: Jane Norman

I'm quite a fan of a 'girly' look. I'm not a 'girly girl' though so I like to 'harden' things up a bit with leather and studs! I'm kinky like that! Ha!

Skirt: Zenngi.com   /   Leather Jacket: Moschino   /   Studded Bag: Shirise.com   /   
Bicycle T-shirt:  placedestendance   /   French T-shirt: conleys.de   /   Studded boots: Chloe   /   Black Platform shoes: myhotshoes.com   /   Pink Platform Shoes:   loefferrandall.com

I'm in love with EVERYTHING on this page. Dream outfit! The Chole studded boots are nothing short of shoe porn. At $1290 they will be forever out of reach of my sticky little paws!
 The T-shirt with the bicycle on however, is only £16 and will hopefully be appearing in my wardrobe....as soon as I've paid off my MOT. And service. And Car insurance :) 

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Monday, 7 May 2012

Nice Things....in my wardrobe

Looking a bit sultry in these! Apologies!
These tan platform sandals are my new favourite things. 

They were a massive impulse buy just before I went to Canada last month. They're from New Look and they were a tad pricy (for New Look Shoes) at £50! Eekk.They're totes booootiful though right?! :) 

Blouse: Primark
Skirt: Primark
Tights: M&S
Shoes: New Look
Belt: Primark

Merci again to Alice for the Photographs

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